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Press Release - Police Violence

posted Aug 19, 2017, 9:22 PM by Aaron Fowles


Press Release

Green Party of Shelby County

P.O. Box 280344

Memphis, TN 38168

August 20, 2017


The Green Party of Shelby County unequivocally condemns the Memphis Police Department for engaging in acts of unwarranted violence and brutality at Saturday’s #TakeEmDown901 rally at Health Sciences Park.  Citizens of this city were shoved aside in order to make way for the removal of a piece of cloth from a bronze statue.  When citizens dared to surround a police cruiser in order to prevent the removal of a fellow man, an officer used his car as a weapon.  Others were arrested for daring to sit on the ground.

The Green Party stands on four ideological pillars, and one of those is peace.  The officers at the park had options besides the use of meaningless force, options that would have caused no harm yet still have adhered to law.  Instead, officers of the Memphis Police Department engaged in acts of violence against citizens of this city.

We urgently and immediately demand the release of those arrested, restitution for their unwarranted arrests, and televised apologies from Mayor Strickland and Memphis Police Director Rallings.  Furthermore, we call for a public review of police procedures regarding monitoring public assembly.