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Press Release - ICE arrests

posted Aug 3, 2017, 6:38 AM by Aaron Fowles

Press Release

Green Party of Shelby County

P.O. Box 280344

Memphis, TN 38168

August 3, 2017


The Green Party of Shelby County is adamantly opposed to the social and economic devastation wrought by ICE in the past weeks.  The literally unwarranted invasion of private spaces and intimidation of residents of Memphis, Nashville, and New Orleans is unforgivable in a country mythologically built upon immigration and hard work.

ICE, while hiding their identities in the guise of local law enforecement, has arrested 83 undocumented people in the South, 77% of whom had no criminal record and were incidentally detained by ICE, meaning that their only crime was being with their family.  What ICE is unable to report, however, are the ramifications of these invasions and arrests.  Schools are reporting fewer students registering for school.  People are scared to leave their homes.  All this is happening in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

While the Green Party of Shelby County is proud of the Memphis Police Department for their public refusal to participate in these raids, it is incumbent on city and county leadership to do more to ensure a safe and welcoming city and county for everyone.  It is time for sanctuary policies, not just statements, if we are going to create a safe atmosphere for everyone.  Shelby County Schools has already taken steps in this direction by publicly announcing the sanctity of students’ data.  The rest of local government must catch up.

Lastly, citizens must be mindful to keep these events in their minds and hearts during the next election cycles.  While we have one candidate for county mayor who publicly and proudly labels human beings as “illegal,” other prejudices may not be so readily displayed.

Aaron Fowles