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Open the Presidential Debates

posted Sep 13, 2016, 11:30 AM by Aaron Fowles
There are more than two candidates running for the office of President in 2016.  In Tennessee, we have 7 candidates on the ballot.  Nationwide, there are four candidates who are on enough ballots to potentially receive enough electoral college votes to win the presidency.  Those candidates listed alphabetically are: Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Donald Trump.

Nobody could fault anybody for not know about Johnson or Stein.  The mainstream media has all but censored their campaigns, reporting on them as mere sideshows to the political theatre carried out by Clinton and Trump.  This censure robs these candidates of their ability to reach mainstream audiences who are instead subject to displays of endless buffoonery and chicanery from their "big" candidates.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has the ability to change this.  To be included in the debates under current rules, candidates must receive support from at least 15% of respondents on five aggregated polls.  This level of support is nearly impossible to achieve with national coverage, so third parties and independent candidates, unless wealthy, are by design excluded.  It is time for the television viewing audience (that's us) to stand up and demand access to the full spectrum of political ideology from which we are able to select a candidate this November.  We have the right to vote, shouldn't we also have the right to know for whom we can vote?

You can call the Commission on Presidential Debates at (202) 872-1020.  You'll be leaving a voicemail.  You can also email them at  Either way, let them know that you demand that all candidates who are mathematically viable be included in the debates.  In this country, the government promises a free press.  Citizens have to demand a responsible one.