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Jill Stein Didn't Win

posted Nov 9, 2016, 10:30 AM by Aaron Fowles   [ updated Nov 9, 2016, 11:14 AM ]
As we all know by know, we have a president-elect who doesn't support universal healthcare, free and public education, climate renewal, clean energy, or immigration reform.

That was going to be the case either way.  We knew that going into election night.  As horrifying as it is to know that the president-elect of the United States is the one caught on tape describing his abuse of women and who was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, we knew that this election was going to be the beginning of a productive struggle, not the end of one.  

Someone soon is going to say that Jill Stein "spoiled" the election for Hillary Clinton because of the tight margins in Michigan and Wisconsin.  It's malarkey for several reasons:
  1. Third parties may have saved Maine and Colorado for HRC.  Gary Johnson may have saved New Mexico.
  2. It is impossible to tell for whom those voters would have voted had their candidate not been on the ballot, or if they would have voted at all.  
  3. The entire notion of votes defaulting to one candidate completely belies the democratic promise of the Constitution.  There are not very many requirements in the Constitution for the President.  A president must be 35, born in America, and capable of fulfilling the duties of the office.  Nowhere is it written that a president must be wealthy or even have a political party behind them.
  4. Last and not at all least, blaming the Greens for the outcome of this election is nothing more than a cheap attempt at self-exculpation.  I'm going to riff on Nader here a minute.  Disenfranchise voters - blame the Greens.  Closed primaries that don't let independents have a voice - blame the Greens.  Purge of voter rolls - blame the Greens.  Collude with the media and get caught - blame the Greens.  Collude with your own Super PACs to smear the candidate whose supporters you want - blame the Greens.  Talk to bankers about public and private positions - blame the Greens.  Hire a sleazy campaign director who can't handle his emails - blame the Russians first, then the Greens.  Accept dark money from whoever's offering it - blame the Greens.  Maintain closed debates - blame the Greens.  Elevate Donald Trump - blame the Greens.  Hold an election without the full protection of the Voting Rights Act - blame the Greens.  Fifty-five percent turnout - blame the Greens.

So where do we go now, friends?  It is our job now to Get Involved in making this country the kind of place we want it to be.

When I was younger I remember hearing that one of the benefits of voting was being able to complain afterwards if the election did not favor your candidate.  I disagree.  We must move beyond disenchantment, beyond anger, beyond doubt and move into action.  Click on the Get Involved button above and get started.