Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Green Party of Shelby County.

Congressional Watchdog Groups
We need people willing to volunteer their time to keep track of our elected officials.  We put them in office, so we should hold them accountable.  This will require you to create a database on your assigned official that will include: votes, donors, donations, committees, and campaign promises.

Book Study
There are lots of great books out there that we can use to elevate our understanding of issues and policies that we can use to make Shelby County a better place.  

Boards and Commissions
Rather than constantly supplicating the various boards in the city and county to do what we want, we can occupy them.  

Click on 'Vacancies'

Write Letters to the Editor
The newspapers allow citizens limited outreach to the community in the form of letters to the editor.  Use that venue to get your point of view out.  Link to the online version and share it with us; we'll put it on our website and Facebook page.  

Write your elected representatives
Working with the watchdog groups, we can use the power of our voices to inform our representatives of our issues and demands.  We can, literally, speak truth to power.

Join the Green Party of Shelby County
Click the Join tab at the top of this page to join the Green Party of Shelby County.  You can also email for more information.

Run for office
Look at this list and find a race you'd be interested to run in.  Then get in touch with us and we'll see if we can work together.